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Voltronic Apex Abax 3Kw PWM Off-Grid Smart Solar Energy Inverter 3000watt UPS 24V

  vendor code:Abax 3KW PWM  
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  • Manufacturer: Abax
  • Product code:OBVM-3000-PWM
  • Bonus points:210
  • Availability:17
  • 7,769.16₺

  • Tax free:6,474.30₺
Price in Bonus points:21000

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100 Or more 6,844.26₺

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Voltronic Axpert Off Grid Solar Inverter



Selectable Current Charging Based Aplicat.

Pure Sinus ,Smart Hybrid wave inverter

Compatable to Ac mains or generator power

Configurable AC/Solar Input priority, LCD 

Battery Equallization for optimized battery

İzleme Verimi %88 , İnvertör Verimi(%78) 

Optional Remote Panel Available 3K,5K

Jel,Sulu SLA, AGM, Li-Ion, LiFePo4, NiCd, NiCoMn

Solar Charging Current

Battery Voltage Range

PV Voltage Range

10AH -80AH

12V DC-48V DC

60V -450V DC

Equipped with PWM/MPPT solar charge controller to maximize and regulate DC power from the solar array for the chargin the battery bank. Transformer-less design proides reliable power conversion in compact size and with high efficiency. With aluminium housing. Integrated interface system. It's light and handy,making installation easier. It's the ideal inverters for small PV palnts , or individually for small houses, both indoors and outdoors.Inverters are multi-function inverter/charger, combining functions of inverter, MPPT/PWM solar charger and battery charger to offer uninterruptible power support in portable size.Hybrid  Series can run without battery. Some models The Maximum PV array open circuit voltage can reach 500V(optional),and MPP voltage is 150~450V(optional), which Can help customers make full use of solar energy
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Off-Grid Inverter Electrical Properties
Nominal Power 3Kw /3000VA
Maixumu Power 6Kva
Battery Voltage 24V
Output Frequency Range 50/60Hz
Output Voltage 230V AC Tam Sinüs
Solar Charge Technology PWM Charce Efficency %93
Inverter Input/Outputs Solar Module Input , Battery Input, grid /generator,USB,Ground,AC Output,Alarm Relay,USB,
Solar Charge Voltage Range Max Solar:80V DC
PWM Voltaj Range(30V-60V DC)
Solar Şarj Cihazı Gerilimi Solar Charge Current:50A
Solar Charge Technology PWM
Grid Charge Current 25A
Inverter Efficency 82%, Full Load %65
Inverter Indicators LCD , Error Led, Run Led, Chargin Led
Inverter Grid Input Grid Input&Generator Input. 230V AC. (280V DC 8serial 275 solar module can be connect direc to grid input )
Grid Transfer Switch Battery is finished transfer will be in 0.1 sn
Power consumption withouth Load 10W Self Consumption (240Wh/day withouth load or load+240W)
Power consumption withouth Load <1W
Grid Connected Voltage 230V AC(280V DC connected)
Other Specification No Paralellel Operation, Tranformess
Inverter Protections Over Load , high temperature , shurt circuit
Off-Grid Inverter Temprature Preoperties
Working Temperature -10°C - 50°C (14Fº - 122Fº)
Storage Temperature -15°C to 60°C
Ambiance Humidity working Range 5% to 95%1
Off-Grid Inverter Quality and Certificates
Estimated Life Above 7 year
Warranty 2 years
Certificate CE, TUV, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001
Made In China -Voltronic
Off-Grid Inverter Mechanical Properties
Invertor Dimension 100x334x285mm(9.84x13.15x11.22inch)
Inverter Weight 6.3kg(13.88lb)
Cooling Fan
Case Tin
Mounting Wall Mounting
Accessories Manual, Fuse, Serial Cable, USB cable

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