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Tommatech 135wat CW Enerji MonoCrsytalline PERC Solar Module 12Volt 135wp /135watt

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  • Manufacturer: Tommatech
  • Product code: TT135-36PM
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Tommatech CW Solar Module



High efficiency  high power output

0~+5Wp Positive Power Tolerance

Self-Cleaning Anti-Reflection Glass

12 Year Material Workm  Warrant

Outstanding Low Irradiation Glass

-0.36%/°C  Pmax Temperature Coef.

Wind load up to 2400 Pa, Snow Load

IEC 61215,61730,62804,62716,TUV,TSE

Output Power Range

DC Voltage Range

Current Range




TommaTech® incorporates up-to-date technologies and lays great emphasis on our research and development effort to offer reliable state of the art products at affordable prices. TommaTech’s mission is to offer you the latest technology in solar panel production. Please find the technologies which we currently incorporate in our solar panels as outlined in the sections of this page.

Polycrystalline solar panels are the oldest and thus most approved solar panel technology. Their high performances at low investment cost make them one of the first choices for solar solutions.

CW energy has manufacturer  4 brand 

- CW  high qualtiy for On Grid project,Support all quality ceritiface

-Tommatech : Only Off-Grid and end User , Doesnt support quality ceritificate

-Suneng , OEM CW products

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CW Enerji&Telefunken Tommatech TSE EN 61215 EN 61730 Certificate
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CW Enerji&Telefunken Tommatech CE ,UL Certificate
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Electrical Parameters
Module Power Rate Wp 135
Cell Type Mono Perc(Cell:158.75x106mm)
Cell Number 36(4x9)
Module Efficency 19.34
MPPT Current 6.50A
Short Circuit Current 6,85A
System Voltage 12V
Maximum Power Point Voltage 20.60V
Open Circuit Maximum Voltage 24.05V
Maxsimum Module Voltage 500V DC
Serial Circuit Fuse 10A
Power Tolerance +0W
Bus Bar Number 5
Temparature Performance
Operating Temperature -40ºC +85ºC Nominal :45°C
Isc Temparature coefficient  αIsc α %/°C  0.048%/°C
Voc Temparature coefficient βVoc %/°C -0.28%/°C
Pmaks Temparature coeficient %/°C -0.37%/°C
Temparature coefficient βvmpp %/°C -0.37%/°C
Mechanical Specifications
Solar Module Dimension 680x1025x25mm(26.77x40.35x0.98inch)
Solar module weight 7.53kg(16.59lb)
Solar Module Glass Less Than 0.012% iron , Solar efficency Over 92.5% 3,2mm Antirefle
EVA Etilen vinil Asetat
Backsheet Composite White
Panel Bağlantı Kutusu Tyco, Multicontact , TUV sertifikalı,IP65, 3 diyot
Solar Module Frame Aluminium Eloxal
Maximum Static Load, Front,back 5400Pa TUV/2400
Quality and Certificates
Products Warantty 12 years
Linear power output warranty 10 Year %90 , 25 Year  %80 over
Additional Specification QR code, JIT , 4mm2(12 AWG) MC4 connector, Type1 Fire Performance,Application Class A
Certificates CE, TUV, TSE(5346 ), ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 IEC
Made in Turkey/Antalya

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